While this is being touted as a primary, don’t be fooled. Thanks to Proposition 14, this is a general election with a mandatory run-off in November. So, as Pete says, you need to vote for the best viable candidate, not for the one you like best.

The SmartVoter ballot.

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As always, your summary and links to research sources are so very highly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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Googling for all 9 candidates for `Democratic County Committee, 24th Assembly District', found this page and the SmartVoter page. You ended up using exactly the same algorithm as me: vote for the ones who bothered to give us any information about themselves. Discounting Wong's old Cupertino City Council site, that conveniently gives 6 of the 9 -- exactly as many as we're supposed to vote for.

Thus I empower myself. Or fall neatly into their little trap, as the case may be.
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Thanks for this very helpful service!

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