As usual, I’ve written up my research notes for the coming election so you can all crib from my work. I’ve given my conclusions, and invite everyone to come to their own. Even if we disagree on everything, I’m still happy if this collection of links saved you a headache.

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Thanks for your informational post. I usually agree with you, but even if I didn't, you give enough references for people to make up their own minds, which is as it should be.
Again Thank you.
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Thanks as always for putting this together.

Prop 40 is a weird one. Its own sponsor has withdrawn its support.

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Prop 35

Thanks for your thoughtful & helpful links.

I have to disagree with one conclusion. If the best argument that opponents of Prop 35 can come up with is demonizing men & women opposed to child trafficing as "far-left anti-sex feminists" then I am voting YES. I think the fears that it targets "consensual adult prostitution" is a scare tactic.

We have rampant child prostitution--call it sex slavery--in our area. And some of the weakest laws in the nation to deal with that.

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Re: Prop 35

Ummm, that is what the "anti-" argument says. No explanation how this would happen. All the statute says is about underage & non-consensual activities, and all the folks who enable that. I can only assume Maxine (old enough to have an adult child) is distributing child porn or using enslaved immigrants? If so, I am not so sympathetic that her adult, veteran, son is living off this income. As with any sort of racketeering, you cannot hide behind false innocence.

I am truly sympathetic to the 'unintended consequences' argument. But I can't see how it is applied here. I am much more concerned about 31 in that regard.

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