mithriltabby: Dragon and Buddha boogying (Boogie)
( Jun. 18th, 2009 07:12 pm)
I’ve created a Twitter account, mostly to add one more data point to annoy Internet censors in Iran. I’ve hooked the tweet stream up to my Facebook account.

Thanks to the kindness of [personal profile] firecat, I now have a DreamWidth account. It’s currently just a placeholder in case of a migration from LiveJournal. (I’m crossposting from DreamWidth right now; mithriltabby is slothman.)

As to the new appellation “mithriltabby”, I’ve been using it for increased uniqueness, since it seems I’m not the only Slothman or Catslaugh out there. To stake my claim on the name, this time I nabbed the vanity domain, which I’m using as my new home page.


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