So my sangha has become a 501(c)(3) organization, looking to accomplish more in the community and perhaps get some permanent quarters for meditation. One of my fellow Zen practitioners was remarking on the difficulty of finding a place in Sunnyvale, due to the high property prices there. My suggestions for avoiding the problem:

  • The Sanghamobile! Get an old bus, retrofit it for biodiesel, rip out the seats and put down zafus and zabutons. Give it a Twitter feed like a food truck so people know when it will be in the neighborhood if they want to meditate. “If you want to order nothing, we deliver!” It could even provide a “meditate while you commute” service up to San Francisco and back.
  • Zendo bouncy castle! Just let people know via social media where it will be inflated for today’s meditation and service.
  • Augmented reality temple! Just get enough Google Glasses for everyone and turn on the “Zen temple” overlay. One could make all kinds of points about emptiness there.

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