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([personal profile] ellenmillion May. 29th, 2017 06:27 pm)
Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos! - More catch-up! February looked unremarkable, too, because I was working on a MAJOR secret project. Patreon patrons got a lot of sneak previews of the project, but publicly, I was pretty quiet.


One of the sketches I did on vacation the month prior.

At Portrait Adoption:

Just one sketch (a little painting) for Sketch Fest: https://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=20409


A little brainstorming. No actual words, I think.


My favorite photo, from January's vacation:

I did taxes. Woot.

And I published a book. It spent a few days in the top 500 books of Amazon, which was lovely!
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([personal profile] ellenmillion May. 29th, 2017 05:57 pm)
Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos! - I'm still catching up on these. January was pretty slim - I spent most of the month on vacation!


For Portrait Adoption:

One piece for the January Sketch Fest:

Some pieces and photos were also shared with my Patreon Patrons, but a few of them would be shared publicly the following month!




This is my favorite photo:

And I traveled!
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([personal profile] the_rck May. 29th, 2017 10:16 pm)
We went to Blue Nile for dinner on Saturday. As usual, we got the vegetarian meal for three. When we get the version with meat, we don't eat enough of it to justify the added cost. The vegetarian version is tasty, filling, and what we really want when we go there. There was live music which isn't really our thing but wasn't terrible. Service wasn't great. We ended up waiting for five to ten minutes at a time on three different occasions. There seemed to be plenty of waitstaff, and they were by no means full, so I really don't know what was going on.

I sent patient portal messages on Saturday to the oncology nurse I see to discuss my decision to stay off of Tamoxifen and to the sleep disorders clinic to ask what I should do about the c-PAP. I am almost entirely sure that the problem is not the headgear. I have issues with being worried that I'll break the hose, disconnect the hose, bend it so that air can't get through, etc. I also have issues with feeling like I'm trapped by the machine itself. Taking off and putting on the headgear feels as insurmountable as sitting in the middle of a row in a crowded theater and desperately wanting to escape. (I felt this yesterday while sitting at my SIL's house because I was stuck in a corner and couldn't get out without getting several people to move. It's very stressful even when there's no reason for me to need to get up at all.)

Feminine TMI )

We spent about five hours at Scott's sister's house yesterday. We left much later than planned because everything we tried to do kind of blew up in our faces. Cordelia's back went out rather abruptly Saturday evening, and she was still hurting a bit by Sunday morning. She doesn't seem to have done anything at all to cause it, either.
Stuff I accomplished today: made naan bread from scratch. Turns out it's really fast and easy to make, and tastes absolutely heavenly fresh out of the oven. I had it with some chicken curry I threw together from random stuff in the pantry, and it turned the meal from something half-assed to something awesome. A+, will make again.

Stuff I didn't accomplish today: finish my RBB fic. I feel like I'm on an asymptotic path with this story, I keep moving toward the ending in little incremental steps but never quite get there. It's not even a very long story! I just can't seem to wrap it up for some reason. And the deadline is Friday, so it's going to be pretty tight. I was really hoping to finish it today and have the rest of the week to edit, but I guess not. Sigh.

I'm going to go have another piece of naan and see if I can squeeze a few more paragraph out of my useless brain.
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([personal profile] johnpalmer May. 29th, 2017 06:00 pm)
Today is a day of remembrance but I don't have much to say about that. Many people fight bravely - for good causes and bad - and for those that chose to join the battle for any noble reason deserve honor if they fight honorably. While it's right and good to honor the memory of those who fought in the stupid great-insanity that is war, today is not a day I have the energy to talk about it... is there any day where there are words that can make the point as it needs to be made?

But today was a day for resting and that's mostly what I did. I visited Portland on Saturday, driving back Sunday, so I'd have today to recover for work tomorrow. Since it is a traditional cookout holiday, I also supplied myself to hold a kind-of celebration of that in my home.

I don't eat hot dogs often any more - but once in a while, baking them in an oven so they swell up and brown a bit, and then the fun of feeling them burst a bit while biting into them is fun. I usually buy 8-to-the-pound hot dogs so I can hold them up side by side and ask why hot dogs come 8 to the pack, and hot dog rolls come 8 to a pack! You see, there was an old joke - hot dogs used to come 10 to a pack - maybe they still do! - because they were 10 to a pound, and meat is sold in pounds, but rolls are sold in dozens, so 8 was a fine roll count (3 packs are two dozen).

I used to buy the larger hot dogs - 8 to a pound - so I could subvert that joke. But I now notice that the 8 packs are no longer a pound - they're 14 ounces. It's... worrisome that nearly-artificial meat has gotten expensive enough that they're shaving package sizes.

My biggest target, though, was cheeseburgers.

I found Bubba Burgers to be a brand that's okay, so I had a box - 6 1/3rd pound burgers. I also needed onion and pickle (which were easy to get), hamburger rolls (20 net grams carbohydrate - not great, but not bad), and finally, cheese.

Not for me the cheap cheese that's labelled as "pasteurized process cheese food," or worse, "...cheese product." Face it, cheese food should be what you feed to cheese to make it grow big and strong. Cheese product makes me think of the "end product" - what happens to the "cheese food" after it's been eaten by cheeses hoping to grow big and strong.

Nope - I buy the GOOD stuff. Kraft Deli Deluxe - pasteurized process American CHEESE!

Okay, you can legitimately argue that doesn't count as "good stuff" but it's what belongs on a plain cheeseburger such as one might cook on a grill!

The one bad thing about Bubba Burgers is that 2/3rds of a pound is a lot of meat for a double cheeseburger, so I eat them as singles... which, on the plus side, means I get twice as many sandwiches out of a package.

After that - well, it's almost like McDonald's would try to make. Onion, usually a modest full slice that goes on the bottom bun (so the heat of the burger softens it a bit) with some strong mustard on top - though there's an occasional hefty serving of plain French's yellow, instead, for nostalgia. (Also, because French's always comes out of the squeeze bottle, looking at you Guldens, and ESPECIALLY at you, Grey Poupon!)

Pickles on top, and maybe some extra mustard (needed if it's yellow) and some ketchup.

That's a good and proper cheeseburger, and it's nice with a prepared burger - though you can do the job yourself with a good burger press, I never think to do so before I want a burger, which is why I'm glad I found Bubbas to be a decent brand.

One hint I found online that I have come to agree with: don't panic if a frozen burger has a pretty toasty crust on the outside of the meat - that's actually a good thing, it helps keep in a bit of the juice, even when you've cooked the burger long enough to make it safe to eat... something you need to be especially careful with these days.

I suppose that's all for today.

Oh, one other thing: you're not crazy. When a highly placed member of the White House team is found to have, on his own, tried to set up a secret, back-channel communication with Russia on what's officially Russian soil, that really is a big deal.

If you need to do something like that, you engage State or the intelligence community - if only so you have cover when you're asked why you wanted such deeply secure communication with a foreign, unfriendly power.

So: no matter how much it's brushed aside, remember, you're not crazy, it really is as bad as you first thought.
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([personal profile] ellenmillion May. 29th, 2017 04:55 pm)
It's been a very lovely birthday weekend, even if it didn't end up going the way we had planned. We started building on our woodshed! I am looking forward to having a nice shelter for my warmth-making. No more wrestling of blue tarps and shoveling of snow off of wood! This is going to be our summer improvement project, and we've done all the design and bought the foundation pieces. Half of the concrete blocks are laid - which involved a lot of digging and leveling. Then it started gusting and drizzling, which spelled the end of the work for the day.

We will celebrate the holiday with a little solemn memory and delicious grilled meat.

Speaking of holidays, Sea Monster Month is quickly coming to a close, but I have art to release every day for the next few days:

Original available. Even barnacles are bigger in Torn World!

Now I think I will try to catch up on my monthly roundups, because that's about how much I have left in the way of brains...
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([personal profile] ironymaiden May. 30th, 2017 01:37 am)

drama by the team who did The Far Runner, story based on the John Ford Western. set in Nunavut, Inuk with subtitles. i was more there for the cultural details, which was good since the pace was slow and watching people in giant fur snowsuits grappling is kind of silly. good for adorable puffy sled dogs and fierce wife, better to not think about the general role of women as chattel.
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([personal profile] oursin May. 29th, 2017 08:10 pm)

Actually, although this was the last day and people have been leaving like whoa since the morning, it's been my day of wild amounts of social interaction, or, at least, catching up with (different) people at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as having the lakeside walk (which I thought I might not get to) with [personal profile] commodorified this afternoon.

Got caught in the on and off rainstorm coming back this evening, but there was a spectacular rainbow.

Also got to a panel on canon and fanon this morning, and managed to resist spending vast amounts in the dealers' room.

Tomorrow: onwards (well, back to O'Hare with a view to further travel).

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([personal profile] dark_phoenix54 May. 29th, 2017 04:31 pm)
My dreams have taken a different turn lately. My parents are now mostly either the age they were when I was growing- or even younger. They are showing up in lots of places other than the house I grew up in. I have met cousins whom I haven't seen in more than 40 years, along with dead aunts and uncles- also young. Other people show up- some whom I've only ever met briefly, once or maybe twice. I've been in hotels that were grand- and for once, was able to find my way around AND find a clean bathroom. (no, I did not wet the bed. It wasn't that kind of dream) I have packed frantically for the getting the hell out of wherever we were because the world as we know it was ending, and I was deciding what makeup I wanted to take. Things are more vivid than I've ever seen them in my dreams, and people pay attention to me- in a lot of my dreams, it's like I'm invisible when I try to talk to people.

Of course all of it is weird dream shit, but last night's dream rates high on the WTF list. My sister and I (I do not have a sister) were trying to get into a house that had just sold, because we knew there was *something* weird about it and I guess we were those snoopy heroines that show up in chic flicks. My 'sister' was in her 30s, light brown long hair, pretty- and I looked like her (I do not look like that). The gentleman who had just bought the house was open to letting us see the house (none of his stuff was there yet), but the problem was someone else wanted to be in the house, too- another woman, a little older, dark hair, very sexy like a 1950s movie person. She was approaching it by trying to seduce the owner! I ran up the three flights of stairs and there were some very odd angles to the walls and floor. I turned to go back down, and the stairs had changed and were now getting narrower, dwindling into the outside wall. I managed to get down them to the main floor, and watched as the upper floor (it was only a half floor; the living room was two stories high) landing turned itself around in very non-Euclidean ways, twisting in ways that made my head hurt to watch it. It ended up dangling into the way in the living room, so the owner and Other Woman casually got up off the floor and started pushing on it, and maneuvered it out of the way, once again producing some Escher like perspective. Sister was staring at it open mouthed. Then it ended, so I did not get to see any more- which is a shame. I really wanted to see what was up with the house. I also kind of wanted to see the house eat Other Woman, because her vibe was totally evil and like she wanted the house to gain some kind of power.

I hope this trend continues. It's much better than my normal everything-is-shit dreams and I'm being chased and I'm trapped by parents or ex-husband or the like.
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([personal profile] kate_schaefer May. 29th, 2017 12:41 pm)
The older granddaughter is about to graduate from college.

This is the point where one says, But wasn't she just born, just yesterday? And sentimental songs about how fast time goes by play on the soundtrack, and we look at the pictures of her childhood.

Forget the soundtrack, but I have been going through the pictures of her childhood. Between the dust (on the boxes in which the pictures are stored, not on the pictures themselves) and the sentimentality, it's not an easy task. She wanted pictures from her first day of school; I found them, though we've never labelled things properly nor stored them in any real order. Her infancy, her birthday parties, her trips to the zoo, her teddy bears, her Halloween costumes, her family, her friends, her teachers, her projects. Her childhood.

She's been an adult for several years now, self-supporting while she earned first her associate's degree and now her bachelor's degree in accounting. After graduation, she will study for the CPA exam. We could not be more proud of her.

Congratulations on all your hard work, grandchild, and best of luck on the hard work yet to come. You're a fine human being.
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([personal profile] the_rck May. 29th, 2017 06:15 pm)
Well, the good news is that my documents all seem to be there. Of course, there was only one document that would have been an irreparable loss.

My bookmarks are still there in both Firefox and Chrome. My address book and calendar are intact.

But all of my archived email, two decades worth of photos, links, feedback, and correspondence, is gone. All of my iTunes files are likewise gone. Several programs have also vanished into the ether, and my preferences are intact some places and utterly gone in others.

The loss of the email archives is pretty devastating. I start crying when I think about it. Every single bit of fic feedback I got on LJ or via email is completely gone. Every discussion I had with anyone about story directions/progress is likewise gone. Every poem Scott wrote for me. Every photo of Cordelia that other people forwarded to me.

The iTunes files are only heartbreaking. I can restore some portion of what's gone, but some of the CDs are no longer playable because of having been exposed to young Cordelia. Some of the music was filk not available on CD. The library audiobooks I had in progress are gone, and some of those are no longer available from the library (plus, I tracked where I was in a book by deleting the already read tracks. I've now lost my place in twenty different books).

The version of Mail I have now no longer allows me to do any sort of offline archiving. This frustrates me vastly because I loathe having my mail on Google's servers any longer than it takes me to read it and either archive it or delete it. This version of Mail also insists on threading messages, something else that I loathe (it makes replying to specific messages nearly impossible). Are there other email programs available for use on a Mac?

Scott can't figure out why that other stuff didn't come over with the backup. My suspicion is that it's a space issue. Both the iTunes stuff and the email would have been huge. Scott didn't bother to clean his crap off of the new-to-me hard drive before trying to load my stuff. I'm making an effort to delete everything I can.
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([personal profile] baranduin May. 29th, 2017 12:27 pm)
A happy memorial day to my US peeps though I have no graphic to show off.

It's been a consciously low key 3-day weekend, work is getting ramped up rapidly now that yearly budget development is over with a bang, which means lots of eyes on my area and people are stressed. So very nice to have a three day weekend in the midst of it.

My low key goals for the weekend got met:
- bought summery shoes for work. I'm all tricked out in boots and leggings but that season just passed. Socks are not on the menu until fall.
- planted marigolds where I always plant them, it's just been years since I wasn't too depressed to do it. I hope they survive. Harry kept vigorously digging more holes right next to my little marigolds. Perhaps he thought I was trying to steal his moles. Plus he raged all over the lawn for reasons of his own, did a little spraying and wound up on the roof, mewing piteously after all the macho display. Poor innocent marigolds:
- did housework
- laundry in a little while

- It's close to a year since Teddy and Scout died. I'm thinking to spruce up the grave, it's looking shaggy.

The stones H made need shining up after the winter and I think I'd like to plant some small flowers that might creep between the bricks. Any suggestions?
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([personal profile] the_rck May. 29th, 2017 01:34 pm)
It's looking more and more like my files are irretrievable. Scott can't get the backups to transfer. He's been trying for hours. He can see them on the backup drive, but every effort to transfer has failed. I suspect I will spend all week with no computer beyond my phone and quite possibly longer than that. I have things I absolutely can't do without my files. I can't, to example, access the patient portal or anything for Cordelia's school.

I have no idea what to do.
I'm doing a major catch-up on LJ, mostly of the RSS feeds I'm subscribed to, in preparation for adding all of those on DW. In the process, I'm also going to be unfriending anyone that I'm already subscribed/friended/whatever to on DW.

So if you receive a "you have been unfriended" notice from LJ, please don't take it personally. I'm posting this because I've been on the receiving end of some LJ unfriend notices, and it always gives me a bit of a pang, even when I know what's going on.
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([personal profile] scarlettina May. 29th, 2017 09:02 am)
Here are reviews of the films I've seen so far (links go to the SIFF listing and trailers as available), and then a request for opinions of possible film choices after:

MENASHE, about a Hassidic widower who is so bereft that even after a year he just can't get his life together. His year of mourning is ending, he's having trouble keeping his job, he hasn't been able to bring himself to find another wife, and his son's being cared for my his late wife's family who don't think much of him. He's fighting to keep his son and needs to find a way to prove to everyone around him that he's a capable father and can live up to the standards of his community. It's a bittersweet story, filmed entirely in Yiddish, and really beautifully done. I recognized just enough of the language to know that the subtitles were covering the basics, but that some nuances were lost. Even with those lost nuances of dialog, the actors' faces are so eloquent that the words almost weren't necessary. I found myself understanding Menashe's pain and feeling very sad about his choices in the end, even though they were the only choices he could make and ultimately were the right ones. A very effective film and very much worth seeing. A good way to start the festival.

BYE BYE GERMANY, starring Moritz Bleibtreu, whom I've seen in other films shown at SIFF and whom I like quite a bit. Based on true events, the story follows David Bermann, a cool, smartly-dressed and ever-so-smooth linen salesman, in Frankfurt after WWII. He's survived a concentration camp, lost his family, and is trying to move on. When he applies for a business license, he finds himself being interrogated about how he survived. At times funny, at times deeply grim, I ultimately found the film very satisfying. Bleibtreu, as always, is terrific, and it was interesting to learn another untold story of the Holocaust.

THE FARTHEST, a documentary about the Voyager planetary probes, their design, their mission, the people who designed and built them, and what they've achieved thus far. I'm kind of a documentary junkie, and I have to say that this is one of the best docs I've ever seen: moving, exciting, educational and inspiring. It gave me chills listening to scientists talking about their passion, their wonder in this epic project they undertook and reviewing pictures we've all seen now with new eyes and a clearer understanding of the weight of the accomplishment. Look for for this doc on PBS in the coming year. It's well worth seeing.

THE OSIRIS CHILD: SCIENCE FICTION VOLUME ONE, an old-school Australian science fiction movie which starts by giving you the idea that the fate of a world hangs in the balance, but which, in truth, is the story of a father and child caught up in events they can't control. It's Road Warrior meets The Searchers meets a generic convict-with-a-heart-of-gold-on-the-run film. I found it a little uneven but I still enjoyed it. The monsters in the film aren't quite what one expects, the special effects are terrific, especially given the low budget and in the end, there's a nice little twist that makes quite a bit of what came before totally worth the watch. Overall it was a satisfying entertainment.

More to come as I see more festival films. In the meanwhile, I need to shuffle my schedule around a bit and so am looking for comments about the following films, if any of my SIFF cohort here on DW has seen them, specifically:

  • What Lies Upstream

  • Fermented

  • Borders

  • Backpack Full of Cash

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([personal profile] the_rck May. 29th, 2017 11:35 am)
I have a working hard drive now, but our first attempt to restore from backup failed entirely. If we can't, I won't lose any fics, but I will lose other things I can't reconstruct. Time Machine makes a backup every hour, so I'm still hoping.

Scott getting angry at my laptop is scaring Cordelia, though.

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