As I was contemplating galactic cuisine for my upcoming Rise of the Jedi game, I found that Google has never heard of the phrases "dairy bantha" or "bantha dairy". Though there are 680 hits for "bantha milk" and even an entry for Bantha butter on Wookieepedia, so this isn’t that groundbreaking. (The folks who invented crafting for Star Wars Galaxies have already blazed a trail for galactic cuisine.)

But something about the phrase “dairy bantha” amuses me.

mithriltabby: Serene silver tabby (Default)
( Aug. 25th, 2003 12:58 pm)
Picked up In Nomine Anime this weekend on a lark. If you play In Nomine, it’s a real hoot, matching up all the classic Anime tropes with the In Nomine world.


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