Got back from Las Vegas, where [ profile] obsessivewoman and I enjoyed Kà and WesterCon. There were some interesting panels, but the most mind-bending incident for me was the evening of the 4th, where it seemed that every single hotel in the city had decided to put on their own Independence Day fireworks extravaganza to compete with their neighbors. Standing on top of a parking structure, we had a good 180° view including the Strip, and there were fireworks all around. Quite a sight, and it went on for over an hour— we kept on figuring “that must be a finale” only to see even more fireworks sent up. The view from the big rotating restaurant overlooking the strip must be fantastic.

Discovered that Starbuck’s is making frozen lemonade drinks for summer (“lemonade flavor with real lemon zest”— WTF?), so that’s one more source of brain-freeze-on-the-go to help with my darling’s migraines.



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