mithriltabby: Sleeping tabby (Zonk)

Yeti is almost 10 years old and is getting a bit cranky and arthritic, and doesn’t want to let us groom him as thoroughly as he needs. (Cleo is 6 months older, but is more mellow and is willing to put up with the indignity of having her belly and britches brushed to avoid the embarrassment of matted fur.) So we took him down to Canine Showcase to get him a summer haircut: keeping the ruff and tail, but going for more of a shorthair look for the summer. He put up his usual fight over being put into the cat carrier, but was very well-behaved when he was there.

Of course, we have before and after photos:

He has taken it with good grace, probably out of relief that our talk of a lion cut turned out to be a joke. We’re hoping that hitting the reset button on his coat will give us a chance to get him to mellow out over being groomed.

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