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Maya: Twelve plié squats, with weights!
Yeti: walks between my ankles
Maya: Ten squat lunge combinations!
Yeti: sprawls on the ground, covering the center of the area where I need to stand to do this exercise
Maya: Bent-knee plank!
Yeti: shows off the fluffy belly inches from my hand

I don’t think this is what they mean when they say it helps to exercise with a partner.

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Yoga, as a form of exercise, is slow enough that cats don’t feel the need to clear out and observe from a safe distance the way they do for more vigorous activity. Hence, new exercises such as “Warrior III— and while you’re doing that, you can pet the fluffy belly”.
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Cleo and Yeti are shedding their summer coats already, and it’s only August. Are we in for a cold winter this year?
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You are a South African bush pilot. You fly in some critical medical supplies, enjoy a quick lunch at the hospital. It’s a stifling 100° in the shade and you’re eager to get back up to the cool, high blue yonder.

On the way back to your plane, you discover that the only bit of shade within 1 mile has become very popular.

You start calculating the distance to the plane door and wonder: “Do I feel lucky today?”

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Now that I’m converting large quantities of ice into slushies, the ice maker is making more noise than ever, and it’s attracting the attention of the fluffs, who see ice cubes as toys. Cleo is now in the habit of stretching up to reach into the ice dispensing tray area with a paw and pulling down the drip catcher in hopes that a piece of ice will be waiting there to be bapped around. I’m just hoping she doesn’t figure out how to push the lever for dispensing ice cubes, only a few inches further up...
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Before I catch some sleep, I’ll just see if I can make a picture into a cut tag... no, you cannot embed HTML within the text attribute of the lj-cut tag. You have to do it manually, like this:

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Maine Coon cats are known for their smarts. Cleo and Yeti both have smarts, but different kinds: Cleo has a practical, problem-solving intelligence, while Yeti invents games.

Thus far, Yeti has invented rug surfing (where he races down the length of the house and pounces on a rug that’s sitting on the hardwood floor, causing it to slide along the floor with his momentum and eventually block the door when I come home at night), ice hockey (where he bats ice cubes around), and hide-and-seek (where he notices that I’m coming to collect the kittens and take them to the bedroom for the night and zooms away from me, lurks someplace, then zooms again when I find him, and repeats until he decides he wants to let me catch him).

Cleo has observed the hide-and-seek game, and has come up with her own version: she notices that I’m herding kittens to bed and lurks under the dining table (one of Yeti’s preferred hiding spots during hide-and-seek), then as soon as I’m getting under the table to pick her up, she zooms over to the cat tree and scratches on it, a behavior that she well knows is frequently rewarded with treats. She’s quite the little mercenary.


Nov. 4th, 2003 03:33 pm
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I used to be worried that Yeti would get ticketed for excessive fluffiness. Then I saw these Angora rabbits and I now believe that, on an absolute scale of fluffiness, he’s practicing moderation.

Cool cats

Jul. 14th, 2003 09:48 pm
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Game ran late on Saturday night and I didn’t zoom the kitties before going to bed. Yeti woke Mara up at 5:30 am on Sunday, and his paws were sopping wet. She refilled his water bowl, staggered back to bed, and he didn’t keep her awake.

Given that Maine Coons, as a breed, tend to play with water, this may just be his way of cooling off to start a summer’s day. Given how much fur the guy’s carrying around (even in his summer coat), I can’t blame him.

So we’ll have to try this another few times and see if it does the trick...

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So, for reasons best known only to himself, Yeti has taken up making noise at 5:30 am. I am a deep sleeper, so I can ignore this completely, but this wakes Mara up. We tried fiddling with the timing on the water sprinklers in the garden; no luck. I verified that the birdsnest attached to the wall above the bedroom near the eaves was no longer tenanted and took it down; no change. The only thing that does the trick is to get out the feather toy and zoom the kittens around the living room at 11:30 at night. Fortunately, the feather toy is very effective for that, and my background in physics helps: zooming the kittens horizontally just makes them spend energy to get into motion, but making them zoom up makes them pay for the potential energy as well. After Yeti starts panting, I put the feather toy away and carry him into the bedroom, then go grab Cleo, then bring in their dinner. That does the trick of keeping them asleep long enough that Mara isn’t woken at the crack of dawn.
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I purchased my Linux box, an EZgo pc, from Directron last April. It’s about the size of 5 CD jewel cases stacked atop each other, and a little wider— its form factor is based around its DVD-ROM drive. It has functioned very well since I got it, until a few weeks ago.

I wondered if it was the system overheating, but shutting it down and giving it time to cool off didn’t fix the problem. Then I thought it was the hard drive going out. The EZgo was failing to boot all the way— it’d just freeze while doing a filesystem check. I spent some time setting up Linux on a second hard drive on the other PC, transferred all my files to the other PC (wondering why the hard drive seemed to work fine for that purpose when I was booting off the Linux rescue CD), reformatted the hard drive, and transferred all my files back. It worked fine for a few days, then started freezing again.

Fortunately, the fine folk at Directron are perfectly willing to say “go ahead, open the case up and see if you can fix it yourself, it won’t void your warranty” if you can talk a good line about knowing what you’re doing inside a machine. So I opened it up, figuring there might be a loose connection or something in there. One person on the online help forums suggested reseating the heat sink would also be a good idea.

When I got inside the box, there was a fair amount of dust... and fluff. Frizzy fluff. Frizzy cat fluff. Some of it was caught in one of the fans, some of it was blocking the heat sink.

You see, silver tabbies like Yeti are known for having very fine fur. Not only do they have fine straight hairs like ordinary cats, they also have a fuzzy, downy undercoat. I’ve found little fuzzy Yeti undercoat hairs in my contact lenses before. And sure enough, winter had rolled around and Yeti had grown his winter coat, and some of it got into the computer past the little screens on the intake fan.

Moral of this story: heat sensors on the motherboard are a useful feature.

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