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A recent article in Wired discusses the recent creation from Tesla Motors: a $100,000 all-electric sportscar called the Tesla Roadster. At those prices, it’s a status symbol: “My penis is large and environmentally friendly!” The really interesting part is the underlying technology: the expensive R&D is all done by established technology companies investing in making better batteries for laptops and cellphones. Tesla Motors is just spinning off the fruits of that R&D into electric cars, and developing the expertise in that narrow field. And they think they might have a reasonably-priced electric sedan in 2008.
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I like to make my drive a little less tedious by listening to music. On a smooth road, it’s just fine, but many roads will produce enough noise that portions of the music can be swamped, and performances like Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe have all their subtleties drowned out.

So I went out on Google with keywords like “road noise” and “sound deadening”. Introduction to Car Audio: How to Tame That Road Noise mentions materials like B-Quiet that can be installed to damp out noise. Dynamat Door Kits are another useful goodie. Quiet In There actually goes into how the sound gets into the vehicle in the first place, and has a number of links to useful products. How to Sound-Deaden Your Car looks handy.

Have any of you had experience with this?

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