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As usual, I’ve done my research for the upcoming election and written up my notes to share with the rest of the class. I’ve given my conclusions, and invite you to come to your own. Even if we disagree on every issue, I’m happy if this saves you a headache.

Voter’s Edge are doing a good job of gathering funding information about candidates, so I’ll let them do the heavy lifting instead of linking directly to Follow the Money. I’ll still have one $ after the candidate for every digit of campaign funding, starting in the thousands place.

Party-Nominated Offices, Democratic Ballot

  • President of the United States: Voter’s Edge.
    • Bernie Sanders. Ballotpedia. $$$$$$ Endorsed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. I agree with the Guardian here: this isn’t about putting Sanders in the White House; it’s about signaling to Clinton that the electorate are clamoring for an overhaul, not just small, cautious, incremental changes. Sanders’ numbers don’t add up, but none of the candidates’ do; the important thing is that he’s a reality-based guy who wants to import good ideas from the Nordic democracies where they’ve proven effective. (And if his being a democratic socialist makes you think of Cuba, Venezuela, and the USSR instead of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, go spend some time listening to a real Marxist, Leninist, or Trotskyite and you should get a fine earful about what they think of democratic socialists. Call it “Nordic capitalism” if your conservative friends are freaking out.) If something truly bizarre happens and he gets the nomination, I expect his numbers will get much, much better once every think tank is vying for his attention instead of Clinton’s.
    • Willie Wilson. $$$$
    • Roque de la Fuente. $$$$
    • Hillary Clinton. Ballotpedia. $$$$$$ Clinton is a master of realpolitik, working the system as it is. (For instance, Sanders can’t get any foreign policy advisors because all the ones in DC fear her revenge.) She’s too hawkish and too cozy with notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger for my tastes. The problem I have with Sanders’ candidacy is that he called for a revolution but didn’t bring one to the party: he needed about four hundred primary challengers for House and Senate seats to make his movement a revolution. I think the best outcome we can get from this election is that Sanders exerts considerable influence on Clinton for her to turn her realpolitik skills on the more achievable of the reforms he advocates. I expect to be voting for her in November, and I think she’ll be able to seamlessly take the reins from Barack Obama.
    • Henry Hewes
    • Keith Judd
    • Michael Steinberg $
  • Members of County Central Committee: vote for no more than six (i.e. pick one not to vote for). Voter’s Edge. It’s 2016 and almost none of these people have web sites to help voters make a decision between them? Really? I will amend this if I can dig up anything useful at the next Sunnyvale Democratic Club meeting.
    • Otto Lee. Former mayor of Sunnyvale.
    • Bill James. Incumbent.
    • Emily Thurber. Finding out anything about her is rather difficult, especially with a very unfortunate name collision with another Emily Thurber in Idaho; once I was informed she goes by the nickname “Emy”, it was much easier to find out that she’s a party stalwart.
    • Gilbert Wong. Incumbent. Also a former mayor of Cupertino whose second city council term ends this year.
    • Peter Y. Chiu. Has served on government boards and commissions.
    • Alyson L. Abramowitz. Incumbent.
    • Diane H. Rolfe. Incumbent. The only one to fill out their profile on Voter’s Edge. Received the Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year Award from the county party.

Voter-Nominated Offices

Measures Submitted to the Voters

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