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Today’s Darths and Droids reminded me of a moderately silly magic item I handed out recently: the Piñata Bat. This is a Jō staff with a mischievous enchantment on it: every hit point of damage inflicted on an opponent becomes one piece of candy, and an opponent killed by the staff bursts open, releasing as many pieces of candy as their full hit point total. (It is rather difficult to resurrect someone who was killed by the Piñata Bat.)

This fit into a culinary thread that has been running through the campaign (probably as a side effect of [ profile] obsessivewoman enjoying the Food Network), which has included such things as a magical attack technique that visibly detects the spices that would make a target taste good when cooked (resulting in an intimidation effect as someone sees themselves surrounded by phantasms of herbs and spices and cooking instruments), attack spells that cover opponents in batter and deep-fry them in hot oil, targeted muting of spellcasters by filling their mouths with mochi, Candyland, and the Mithril Chef competition.

There is nothing like handing out an item like the Piñata Bat to get the player characters beating on each other with it to find out what candy they get. (The druid yielded honey-and-herb candies; the monkish martial artist rice candies; the Chaos wielders, the equivalent of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans; the Light-priest (who had to heal everyone up from this!), marshmallows; the (purple) dragon, grape jelly beans.) Sadly, being experienced adventurers, they waited until they were back at their secure base before trying out this nifty new magic item, or it would’ve been the perfect time to have some goons come through the door with swords.

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